Power Steering Services is our specialty. Since the 1980s, 99% of passenger and commercial vehicles have been fitted with power-assisted steering systems as standard, both hydraulic, and newer electro-hydraulic and electric power steering systems. There are numerous parts that require servicing or repair, including bushes, racks, rubber lines, reservoirs, gears, boxes, pumps and rams.

A power steering system contains a hydraulic fluid that needs periodic replacement, so it’s a good idea to check your levels and quality of the fluid. A burnet smell could be a sign that it’s time for a service and fluid change.

Leaks are the first sign of impending or actual trouble - normally a coloured fluid. Preventative maintenance could save thousands: a repaired broken or leaking rubber boot could cost hundreds: if left unchecked, it could force the replacement of the steering rack which could cost thousands. We check and service power steering systems, racks and pumps on site, and use our years of expertise to only replace what can’t be fixed.

Of course, even if there’s no power-assistance, we can also diagnose, service and repair manual steering.

Established in 2008, Power Steering Services can diagnose, service and repair almost any power steering problem. Car not steering right, contact us for advice.